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Take Control of Your Future

Hello and welcome! My name is Paul O'Kane and I am a (BACP) British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy- qualified & accredited Person-Centered Counsellor and Psychotherapist. 

To empower yourself and to move in a new direction involves change. We cannot change, we cannot move away from what we are, until we thoroughly accept what and who we are. Allow me to be your companion on this exploration of self, a journey free from judgment, advice and guidance; the standard universally held methods when working with people seeking support. Instead reap the benefits of allowing your own voice to prescribe what is correct and best for you.   

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For the past twenty years I have had the privilege of serving and supporting individuals and families in a variety of settings including- Youth Justice, Social Services and Education. The aforementioned settings have afforded me a greater insight and understanding into prevalent societal issues that hold people back such as: adverse poverty, crime. low aspiration, poor housing conditions, high unemployment and limited educational opportunity to list but a few. Such factors for me, have served to bolster notions of stigma, othering, discrimination and poor esteem for many of the groups and individuals I have worked with.

I myself have experienced significant events in my own life that have at times rendered me 'motionless' both in body and mind. For me, solitude has always been sought in supportive, genuine and person centered relationships; a notion I look to replicate in my current role as a Counsellor. Alongside my vast work and life experiences, I have slowly but surely gained academic insight as a means of further exploring and researching how lived experiences effects the many different groups/ individuals I have proudly represented over the last two decades.

To date I have achieved a Bachelor of Arts Degree alongside a Master of Arts Degree in Education and Special Educational Needs and finally a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Such said qualifications do not make me the fountain of all knowledge or indeed an expert in your life; hopefully they serve to evidence a continued professional development and a constant pursuit to explore a difference in opinion, mindset and perspective. 

I have counselled across the age, race and gender spectrum, dealings with issues relating to stress, anxiety, depression, loss, bereavement, self esteem, self acceptance, criminality and relational issues.

Throughout my practice I hold dear the key principles of the person centered approach-unconditional positive regard, empathy and congruence, as conditions that promote personality change to a desired destination that aligns with the needs and wants of the client.

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I offer person centered counselling as I believe this modality puts you, the client, at the heart of therapy. It is a key belief of the approach that you are the expert of you and that answers, solutions and directions may indeed be currently buried, blurred or lost deep within; yet working together in union may bring about the desired unearthing of such hidden factors.

The sessions are led by you and in collaboration we will explore together what is going on for you and how this impacts on your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Please note I do not diagnose, treat or cure, I firmly believe that you hold the tools, solutions and measures for change and together we can access the darkness to bring about light.

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Each therapy session will last for 50 minutes and will be held weekly. The duration of therapy is usually 6-8 weeks long. However, this numeric is generally stated by many NHS and similar providers and in my opinion does not reflect the wishes/requirements of the entire population. I personally have offered therapy to clients for up to 30 weeks. The length of therapy should be governed by yourself and how you feel you are moving towards your own desired outcomes. 


Yes, everything you bring into therapy is kept confidential. I will not share your personal information with anyone else unless it is necessary to keep you and others safe or it is required by a court of law. Examples of disclosure would occur when its effects vulnerable groups, individuals and yourself; or could be classed as extremist in nature. Where possible such breaches of confidentiality will be discussed with you first, however this may not always be a possibility due to the nature of the disclosure. As a member of the BACP I am ethically bound to have regular supervision with an experienced and qualified supervisory counsellor whereby I discuss my case load. This process ensures I am serving both myself and more importantly my clients well.


Payment can be sent via bank transfer before your appointment, or can be paid after your session on the same day. Sessions can be cancelled at no cost up to 48 hours in advance. After this time a cancellation fee will be charged. The cancellation fee is half of what you pay for your therapy.


Therapy takes place either on the telephone or via Video call. The benefits of such mediums include reduced travel time, a process that fits your schedule and your needs/requirements. If you are an company, face to face counselling is offered as long as there is a suitable quiet and confidential space for counselling to take place. More importantly this space must match the wishes of the client seeking counselling.


If you are in crisis and need immediate assistance call the emergency services, your GP, or someone from your support network for help and support. Additionally you could contact the agencies listed below:

* The Samaritans-call on 116 123 (24/7) 

* Text Shout on 85258 (UK-wide) 24/7

* Call Childline on 0800 1111 if you are under 19 and live in the UK

* Text Young Minds on 85258 for 24/7 support.

Please remember you are not wasting anyone's times, your mental health is a very serious matter and the supporting services/agencies are there to support you.  


I keep brief anonymous content notes and these records are stored securely and are kept for 7 years from the end of therapy.  You are free to request sight of these notes if you wish. I am committed to protecting your rights and privacy in accordance with GDPR. As such, I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). For more information see

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Put Your Life Into Focus


Telephone Counselling

Telephone Counselling-Telephone sessions last 50 minutes. I will contact you on the telephone number you provide and therapy will commence over the phone.


Video Counselling

Video Counselling sessions will last for 50 minutes and are conducted via Video Call.


Face-Face Counselling

Face to face counselling at your workplace or school. A suitable confidential space must be made available for our time. This space must be free from distraction and allow you to feel free to openly express you thoughts and feelings.

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Please feel free to go the BACP to verify me.

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